ARIA Training & Consultancy (ARIA) is a specialized-skills adult learning centre, associate member of Association for Foreign Domestic Worker For Social and Support (FAST), accredited by Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC), approved caregivers training provider by Agency of Integrated Care (AIC) and is accredited with Bizsafe Level three (3).

ARIA has always been one of the highly recommended flagship FDW skills-training centre in Elder and Infant Care in Singapore. Our Centre is usually recommended to Media, Embassies, delegates and foreign visitors for FDW skills training for videography, photography and interviews.


In last two (2) years, ARIA has hosted delegates from Sri Lanka Bureau Foreign Employment Agency (SLBFE), various groups of visitors from China and Japan who are interested in Singapore’straining framework for Foreign Domestic Workers for infant and eldercare. We have also conducted site tours for Philippines Embassy OWWA Officer, Myanmar Embassy Counselor and Sri Lanka High Commission Counsellor for purposes of showcasing our training centre and programmes offered for the FDWs.

In 2017, ARIA started to partner with two Nursing Homes in Singapore to provide volunteerism opportunities for the FDWs who have completed their Eldercare Training Programmes. Such opportunity will enable the trainees to apply their learning beyond classroom hours.

In ARIA, we understand the changing learning needs in every individual. Hence, we design and shape our programme’s curriculum and offerings to the different individual that ARIA aims to draw.

What we strive to do in ARIA is “Enhance your skills TODAY, for a better TOMORROW”.


ARIA Training Programmes are weaved in with situational scenarios, practicum sessions, safety and precautionary knowledge,skills & application opportunities. The Training Programmes have been categorised with reinforcement modules for the different phase learners. ARIA works closely with various stakeholders such as FAST, Employment Agencies,Employers for the FDWs skills-training so as to continually stay relevant and appropriate to the changing needs. ARIA held our first ARIA of Eldercare graduation ceremony in February 2016. ARIA was featured in 2016 by Myanmar Al in newspaper and with TV media coverage in Myanmar.

ARIA worked closely with Singapore’s licensed Employment Agencies and Employers to provide elder-care and infant-care skills-based training. It has successfully trained at least one hundred foreign domestic workers in Eldercarer Foreign Domestic Worker Scheme (EFS) and Infant Care Skills (ICS). All trained FDWs have demonstrated >85%retention and satisfaction from customers.

ARIA was approved by Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) 1 April 2017 to conduct approved training courses under Assisted Daily Living (ADL) activities and Dementia Care. We have since conducted 50 1 to 1 home-based training for FDWs who are working as domestic caregivers for elderly.


  • Caregivers Training Grant (CTG)
    • Assisted Daily Living Activities
    • Dementia Care
  • Elder-Care
    • Elder-care + Basic First Aid + CPR (CFE)
    • Eldercare Fundamentals (ECF)
    • Eldercarer Foreign Domestic Worker Scheme (EFS)
  • Maternal & Infant Care
    • Specialist in Maternal & Infant Care
    • Infant Care
  • Conversational Language
    • Basic Conversational English
    • Basic Conversational Mandarin
    • Basic Conversational Japanese
  • General Skills
    • Care for Domestic Household
    • Healthy Culinary Programme
  • Interest Learning
    • Grooming & Skin Care
    • Nail & Hair Care
    • Basic Baking Skills
    • Basic Computer Literacy


ARIA training centre is the only Foreign Domestic Worker training centre in Singapore with a full mock-up of typical residential training environment and teaching classroom. ARIA takes pride in every single details ofthe design and feel of the training centre so that the trainees, especially first-time in Singapore will be able to have the first-hand experience of atypical Singapore residential settings. Training equipment and props are included to enhance the quality and appropriateness of each type of training programme.

Our current location of ~170 sqft at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre #08-02 is conveniently and centrally located. It is easily accessible by public transport and has sufficient public parking spaces.

Since 2014, ARIA has trained at least five-thousand (5000) FDWs of various nationalities in various skills-based courses, including elder-care and infant-care. It has a team of healthcare professionals and subject professionals to deliver the specialised skills training programmes. It has since expanded to include language and interest-group learning with the expanding learning requirements from its trainees.

In 2018, ARIA has partnered with an approved training organisation with Workforce Singapore to introduce maternal and care giving training programmes designed and fit for mid-career and retirees as alternative employment opportunities.


ARIA has a team of six (6) full-time and twelve (12) part-time trainers to support the on-going training programmes. We also have Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog and Burmese speaking translators to support translation where needed. Our team of trainers are specialised and subject experts in their core training areas.