Specialist Home-Based Maternal & Infant Care Skills

Recovery & Support Care (24H)

  1. Post-natal and discharge care for mummy after child birth
  • Care for episiotomy/ caesarean wound
  • Lochia management
  • Pain management
  • Emotional wellness
  1. Confinement Diet Planning & Preparations
  • Common Confinement Diet (Chinese-based) recipe
  • 2 Meals Hands-on Practicum
  1. Wellness Care for Mummy
  • Jamu Wraps Benefits & Practicum

        4. Wellness Care for Infant

  • Tuina Massage for Infant & Practicum


Phase Growth Care (10H)

a)  Care & Support for Infant @ Phase Growth (0-12months)

  • Hygiene Care from newborn to infant, including umbilical cord, equipment handling, sterilization.
  • Handling common situations in newborns

b)  Breastfeeding & bottle-feeding support

  • Supporting a first-time breastfeeding-mummy
  • Handling breastmilk
  • Managing bottle-feeds
  • Sterilisation & hygiene care

c)  Importance of home safety & preventive measures

  • Common accidents at home
  • Preventive measures
  • SID


Situational Care (8H)

  1.   General Care and Intervention Measures
  • Recognizing a sick child/how to call for help-crying, colic, food allergies, vaccinations, administering medicines safely
  • Fever-fits, dengue, chickenpox
  • Hydration-diarrhea, vomiting, HFMD
  • Cough and colds
  • Breathing difficulties like bronchitis, pneumonia
  1.   Emergency Situational Handling Skills & Knowledge
  • Head injury-nose bleed
  • Drowning
  • Cuts, wounds and burns
  • Broken bones, pulled elbow, trapped limbs
  • Swallowed objects, objects in ear/nose
  • Poisoning
  • Eye injuries



Each trainee will undergo oral theory and practicum assessment upon completion of the 42hours classroom training. 


JAMU Massage Techniques (6H) can be taken as an independent course by trainees @ $60.00



Full Course Fees $308
FAST-FDW Subsidy $132
Nett Course Fees $176

Course Duration:

44 hours

Recovery & Support Care (24H)

Phase Growth Care (10H)

Situational Care (8H)


Payment Mode:

Cash/Bank Transfer

Trainer/Trainee Ratio

1:20 (theory), 1:5 (practical)

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