Infant Care Skills


  1. To enable trainees to render care safely and hygienically.
  2. To equip trainees with the skills and knowledge to care for “Infant” at different phase growth.
  3. To equip the trainees with the know-how of handling situations when it arises

Phase Growth Care (8H)

  1. Care & Support for Infant @ Phase Growth (0-12months)
  • Hygiene Care from newborn to infant, including umbilical cord, equipment handling, sterilization.
  • Handling common situations in newborns
  1. Breastfeeding & bottle-feeding support
  • Supporting a first-time breastfeeding-mummy
  • Handling breastmilk
  • Managing bottle-feeds
  • Sterilisation & hygiene care                                                


Situational Care (10H)

  1. Importance of home safety, situational handling & preventive measures
  • Common accidents (cuts, wounds, broken bones, choking, bleeding)
  • Preventive measures
  • SID Syndrome
  1. General Care and Intervention Measures       
  • Recognizing a sick child
  • Test for allergies
  • Post-vaccination care
  • Recognizing cries
  • Medicine Administration
  • Managing Fever-fits, dengue, chickenpox, cough & cold
  • Managing Hydration-diarrhea, vomiting, HFMD
  • Breathing difficulties-croup, bronchitis, pneumonia



  1. Each trainee will undergo oral theory and practicum assessment upon completion of the 18hours classroom training. 
  1. Trainees who have undergone the ICS Programme can get 20 hours exemption from the Specialist Certificate for Home-Based Maternal & Infant Care Programme



Full Course Fees $200
FAST-FDW Subsidy $90
Nett Course Fees $110

Course Duration:

20 hours

Phase Growth Care (8H)

Situational Care (10H)


Payment Mode:

Cash/Bank Transfer

Trainer/Trainee Ratio

1:20 (theory), 1:5 (practical)

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